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Consoles Title with Game Controller.

PC Game Console Emulation Quick Guide

Here is a list of the best game system emulators, along with the most important information you’ll need to know to set them up. I would suggest using this guide along with a video or the emulators official setup guide if you haven’t done this before. Also, you will need to provide your own games (ROMs) and sometimes system files, because it probably isn’t legal to share such files online. Although, there are ways to find them online if you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting the files off your own console and games.

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RetroPie Hardware

The hardware you’ll need to make a Raspberry Pi for all your retro gaming needs.


Retroflag makes the best retro gaming raspberry pi cases I’ve seen, which come in both an original NES and a SNES style case. They really look like mini versions of the originals, plus they have working power and reset buttons, but you could use any case you want.

I think this is a solid kit with a power plug and heat sinks from a respected company, but you really don’t need the power button that is included if you use a Retroflag case. If you want to save a couple dollars you could just buy the Raspberry Pi B+ for $35 and a two pack of heat sinks because it uses the same power plug as a lot of cell phones.

There is a spot for a fan in the Retroflag case and I would suggest using it because like most electronics it should last longer when kept cool. Plus, if you’re running it for a long time or playing more resource intense games there is a good chance it will run smoother. If you’re trying to save some money this is probably more important than the heat sinks in my opinion.

The Samsung is rated for better transfer speeds than the SanDisk, but I’m not sure if the Raspberry Pi actually knows the difference, although it couldn’t hurt. You could also save a couple dollars by getting a 32GB card if you don’t plan on running more modern games like on the PlayStation 1, but if you want to run a ton of games or a lot of PS1 games it might be worth getting a 128GB card instead.


The Bluetooth controllers are pretty easy to setup and can be used with or without the cord, but the wired controllers work just as well and are usually about half the price. Either way you can run up to 4 controllers wired or wireless. I got 2 wireless and 2 wired because not many games use all 4 controllers. Although you may want to hookup an Xbox or PS controller to play PS1 games, but remember that a lot of the buttons on modern controllers are the opposite of retro game systems like the NES or SNES.